Practice Areas


As your legal advocate, we represent your interests and provide counsel throughout a mediation, negotiation, or settlement process. When hearings are necessary, we invest time and attention to both your immediate legal interests and to creating capacity for disputing parties with shared futures to live with the outcomes.


As mediators, we serve as neutral guides throughout the problem-solving process. The mediation process creates the opportunity for those involved to identify the issues at the heart of the conflict, and design mutual agreements that bring closure to conflict and open the way forward. Mediation is particularly effective in elder planning and elder care, school and employment conflict including disciplinary action, neighborhood and community conflicts, and other settings where preserving relationships and protecting privacy are priorities.


As consultants, we help you identify your goals and priorities, assess the legal implications and consequences, and design methods to help you achieve your goals. Projects have included enhancing a professional skill set, forging new working relationships to increase capacity, and designing new processes on a state-wide level. Ann's background in management, policy, and law, and her commitment to fostering new ideas to address persistent needs, gives Dispute Redesign its unique ability to help you imagine and realize what you are passionate about accomplishing.